Jul 18, 2012

July Progress Report

What's the latest happenings in the world of Bulldog? Well, lately I've been thinking alot about the big picture, such as all the cool features and mechanics I want to have in the end-game. Unfortunately these are likely to years away realistically, but I can't help dreaming.

In a more down to earth sense, I think it's way past time that I start posting screenshots and perhaps even short videos showing how things look. I've been loathe to show anything as I didn't consider it good enough to show, but I've resolved to at least try to put up some screenshots, so here goes:

The player character (placeholder model) standing amongst sand.

Zoomed out view of my test sandbox.

In the past few months I've been continuing work on fleshing out the mechanics of the game. Recently I overhauled my lighting system to handle the dynamic range from full noon sun to middle of the night, but still have appropriate detail visible in either. I also added in the ability to have local sources of light, such as that emitted from torches or explosions. Visibility at night is going to be an important mechanic, so the lighting model is really key to having that be believable.

This month I've been working on the ability to build structures in the game, such as campfires, which has taken alot longer than I expected given how I already had a job queuing system in place. A good deal of the work has been in making the system robust so the player doesn't randomly lose items if he cancels halfway through, or preventing the player from duplicating items through an exploit. I'm also working on a new font that looks a lot better than the previous one I showcased in my article on signed distance fields. I'm excited to see how it turns out in game.