Feb 22, 2016

Progress Update February 2016

As is rapidly becoming the norm, I've scope-creeped the hell out of this latest snapshot. I'd intended to wrap it up just before Christmas, but here it is, 2 months later and I've still got over a month of dev to go. I made the mistake of starting work on a feature I didn't have a really solid design for. I thought I could "wing it" and the gaps would naturally fill themselves in, but I hit a few issues that basically blew that out of the water. I've sorted out the design now, but there's more work to be done before I can tick crafting off my todo list.

I changed my mind re: the UI redesign I mentioned in my last post. It is going to be much harder to change in the future, so now is the best time. It ended up taking about 3 weeks, but I've replaced my old, half-assed layout system with a newer, more flexible one that's now using its whole ass. As a bonus I fixed a few lingering layout bugs that have been annoying me, so yay!

I've got a fairly good design & plan for the next month of development. Barring any unexpected hiccoughs, I hope to put crafting to bed and move on to some of the exciting new things I've been dreaming up over the past year.