May 26, 2014

Progress Update May 2014

The Entity/Component/System refactoring is officially over, and the new codebase is much better than the old one. I won't elaborate on the advantages here as I've already talked about that in previous posts.

The one remaining task I have on the ECS front is to overhaul the rendering system to make use of the new components. Currently the renderer is using a hybrid of the old and new and is pretty messy. I've had a task on my todo list to redesign part of the renderer to allow better control of the shaders, (which I'll need for graphical enhancements I have planned for the future), so it seemed easier to roll the two tasks into one.

The immediate future will feature more testing, and then preparation for Snapshot 10, which is due to kick off on June 1st. Snapshot 10's major new features will be allowing the player to rest/sleep, introduction of some proper crafting, and a bunch of content additions to round out the items a bit. It's exciting because it will finally be some forward progress again after almost a year of stagnation.

As part of my renewed commitment to the project, I'm going to try (once again) to be more forthcoming with updates, and try to coincide them with each snapshot I build. So, I'll be aiming for a once a month posting schedule, and try to include some screenshots of what's going on. We'll see I guess. :)