Feb 1, 2018

Introducing "Husky"

So, work on "Bulldog" has stalled again. It's been many months since my last blog post. A lot of (non-games dev) stuff has happened to me during that time, such as changing jobs. I also feel that my friend, Skugga, is partly to blame for my lack of free time when he introduced me to Player Unknown Battlegrounds :D. I've been playing it an unhealthy amount, and its rocketed up to my most played game on Steam.

So, after having done no games dev for months, myself and a few mates at my new work participated in the 2018 Global Game Jam recently and it was awesome fun! It's inspired me to pick it up again. I've decided I need a smaller project that will help me get up to speed with Unity, and so I'm pleased to announce I'm kicking off a new game project.

In keeping with my dog-based theme for naming, until I have a proper name, I shall refer to this project as... (rolls dice)... "Husky".

Husky is based on an idea I've had kicking around for quite a while now. There's a lot of concepts that need to be nailed down before I can go into more detail, but broadly speaking, it is a story driven game in a world of geometric shapes about a village of circles and their bitter rivals, the squares.

More to come...