Jan 19, 2011


As a first Post I feel I should introduce what I intend to write about on this blog.

I've recently been toying around with an idea for a game I wanted to write, so the purpose behind the blog is mostly to cover the development process. I'll be posting about code I'm working and problems/solutions which someone may find useful.

I'm a software developer by profession and run a small software development business. Over my career I've worked with languages such as Delphi, C, C# and database platforms such as SQL Server, so the occasional post may be about these topics. Since this is my personal blog, and not intended to be associated with my business, I'll try to steer away from talking about that.

I don't claim to be an authority on games programming ; far from it. But hopefully over the course of this blog I'll learn a lot more about games programming, and perhaps pass on a thing or two to my readers.

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